Who are we?

EspaceGameurs is a public community dedicated to communication between players since February 2016.

You are on PC, Console or laptop regardless of the game or platform you are all welcome on EspaceGameurs!

Join us

To join us you need the TeamSpeak Client app available on all systems.
The application and access to the server are free, you can chat with your friends without spending a money, the only condition to join our server is to respect our rules.

Because Playing is also talking!


Using a public server brings you a lot of benefits. Economically you have nothing to pay, you care more about having a license, hosting the server whether it’s software and/or hardware or moderation. Just log in and play with your friends and you may meet again. What about us? Have this concern for the rest!

active team

Our team consists of 5 active operators, providing support every day.


We work in partnership with TeamSpeak for our voice server.


We work with OVH to ensure reliable infrastructure!

Low latency

Our server is hosted in France, ideal for users based in Europe.

Free Channel

You can create a lounge to play with your team for free.

7/7 support

Our team is available 7 days a week to help you in case of problems with another member.

24/24 - 7/7

Our server is online 24/7 with an SLA at 98.2% since 2016 according to TSViewer.


Trust is important, we promise never to disclose your information.


Access to our server is free.

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our partners

The TeamSpeak Customer smartphone app requires a definitive purchase upon purchase. More information on teamspeak.com or on Google Play Store / App Store.