You can freely create a temporary salon to talk with your friends, team or community.

What is a temporary salon ?

A temporary lounge as permanent is a part of the TeamSpeak server which is entirely dedicated to you. You have the opportunity to create a personalized salon for you and your friends. Eject unwanted people from your living room, add a password so you do not get bothered, and more.

And once there is no one in the living room that you have created, it disappears automatically.

How to create my temporary salon ?
  • Go to the TeamSpeak EspaceGameurs server;
  • Right-click on the ‘ESPACE TEMPORAIRE / TEMPORARY’ lounge and do ‘Create a channel’;
  • Enter the different information about your salon and click OK when everything is correctly configured.

Afterwards, if you want to modify the show you have created, simply right-click on it and click Edit Channel.

What is the purpose of such a system?
  • You do not have a TeamSpeak server that is quite expensive and want the space of a moment to have your personal space to exchange, share, play with the members of your team (this excludes the permanent hosting of teams on the TeamSpeak server );
  • You wish to speak privately with one or more particular person(s);
  • Do you play on a public server? Create a room with the name of this public server! You may be joined by others.
  • And everything else that could happen to you by the head …